How to create your own MobMov

Equipment List

Since this thing had never been done before (that I knew of at least), I pretty much had to start from scratch. Here’s a short list of all the components of the MobMov system:

  1. Panasonic PT-AE700U
    This is a fairly high-end consumer projector, that has some unique features that make it well-suited for our application. Firstly, at 1000 lumens and 2000:1 contrast, it’s pretty bright. Certainly not very competitive to a bright streetlamp, but it works perfectly in fairly unlit areas. It has a wide 16:9 aspect ratio too so we can watch movies like in the cineplex. The throw distance is pretty long, which is both a good and bad thing (good for a mobile movie, but bad for a small room). The really cool bit is it has a 2x zoom lens, lens-shift, and keystone correction, meaning I can basically point the projector anywhere and adjust it to match the projection “screen”, even if it’s on an angle (think of a square image on a hill). This is great because obscure projection surfaces are so much more fun.
    This projector replaces my first, which was an InFocus 4805. Not a bad projector at all, but it doesn’t have the light output that the new Panasonic does. Though it was about half as much mula.

  2. Coleman Power Inverter
    Did you know Coleman made anything but lanterns? If it were cooler-looking, this would number one on the list, since this is undoubtedly the most important unit in the whole set up. It allows me to run all the other stuff off my car battery. Or, put another way, it allows me to do what even Toyota said was impossible. I have the 400W version, of which I use about 1/2 at full load. I do need to keep my engine running though, to make sure I don’t drain my battery (it would die in about an hour). The power wire is run from my battery to below the passenger seat, where the inverter and DVD player now sit.

  3. RjTech RJ-250PDVX Portable DiVX player
    Definitely not the most refined unit around – it has some skipping issues with DiVX files and some DVD+R media. But it allows me to utilize my big DiVX collection, so I preferred it over the other small DVD-only players. It doesn’t have any component output though, so it may be replaced in the distant future. The small size was a big plus, as it fits easily under the passenger seat. The first DVD player I bought was slightly too big.

  4. Ramsey FM25b transmitter
    This was the surprise child of the bunch. I really never expected FM transmitters to be this expensive, nor this unavailable. It took me like two weeks to find one, and even then it was a lot more than it should’ve been. Still, after some antenna modifications, it works flawlessly for about 150ft in all directions.

Pictures and further instructions on how to set up your own mobmov will be coming some day.