The story of Mobile Movie begins in November, 2004. I was really excited about the idea of the Guerrilla Drive-in, but wanted to improve upon it by making it a true drive-in with cars and fm transmitters. I searched and searched for information on attempts to create such a thing, but it seemed as if it were a new concept.

So I did some googling, called some people, and was basically told by Toyota (the maker of my car) and InFocus (the maker of my first projector) that it couldn’t be done without blowing something up.

I like things that blow up, so I tried it anyway. And nothing blew up, but it was still cool. The project started out at first as something for friends, until enough friends of friends knew about it that I decided to actually start a mailing list and make it public. The first *announced* Mobmov was back in May, 2005. If all this history stuff interests you, read the blog.

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