Participating in a MobMov

Radio station: 88.3FM

Safety caution:
The movie will be projected onto a dark unlit wall in a fairly abandoned area of town. While we try to pick safe areas for a showing, “dark and abandoned” can sometimes mean “sketchy and dangerous”. Please use your best judgment when deciding to attend a mobmov. We aren’t running a commercial movie house and cannot be held responsible for damage to your vehicle or person.

Where to park:
To view the mobmov, just park parallel to the “lead car” – a silver RAV4. The closer you are the better, since the radio antenna can only go so far (150ft). Tune your radio to the station listed above to hear the audio. If you have trouble, ask the mobmov driver and they’ll help you out.

Don’t have a car?
As long as you have an FM radio, you can join in. You don’t *need* a car. You’re welcome to try posting on craigslist to see if anyone else wants to go. We recommend the movies or activities forums:

Food & Drinks:
Snacks and refreshments will be (likely) available at minimal cost, but do feel free to bring your own. Though we do not condone nor encourage the consumption of alcohol, if you bring some, please also bring a designated driver. Oh and offer some to the MobMov coordinator.

In general, the mobmov will only be cancelled due to torrential downpour. Light sprinkles cannot stop the mobmov.

The mobmov is free for you, though it isn’t free for us. Each mobmov costs about $10 to run, after gas and projector bulb expenses. Please don’t feel obligated, but a tip jar will be available if you enjoy the show and want to contribute a buck or two. We also have a PayPal link on our site if that’s easier. We’re just doing this for fun anyway, but it has more chance of staying active if the costs don’t rise too high.