Apply for Theatrical Release

Apply for a MobMov Theatrical Release
Are you the producer or director of an independant film or short? The MobMov offers you a unique chance at worldwide promotion and distribution, through our network of free mobile cinemas. Use this form to apply to have your film “Released by MobMov”.

We heart:

  • Family-friendly films.
    Because we screen out in the open, we generally limit language and nudity to PG-13.

  • Any film genres. But comedy and light-hearted films see the widest distribution.
    Pro-action (environmental, political) are popular as well.

  • You must own any and all copyrights to the work you submit here. The mobmov supports creative people and the films they create.

A mobmov release is a good choice, because:

  • Your film will be shown for free in communities across the world — no more $16 movie tickets!
  • It’s more a community experience than either the cineplex or online distribution alternatives
  • We promote and distribute your film at no cost to you
  • You can make money by attaching trailers to your films
  • We stand against the stifling world of film distribution, opening doors for independent filmmakers and creative, ground-breaking films