Events Updates


Last Friday’s showing was a complete disaster. I’m really, really sorry to all those that came.

What happened, you ask? Over the winter, my equipment got a little rusty. I moved it from my car, and mixed it around. When I moved it back, things got a little funky. We saw that in the showing before last. Not to be caught with my pants down again, I invested some serious cash in a new DVD player and cables. Big mistake.

I wasn’t able to test the new DVD player before the show, and just assumed it would work based on how much I paid for it. Not at all. It mangled my poor titles and intros, and then played the sound a full three seconds behind the movie. Thanks Toshiba.

Seeing this, I decided to switch to my old DVD player, but it failed as well. I suppose I could have switched back to the sound delaying player, but at that point I wasn’t having any fun.

In any case, it was my fault for not testing. And I’m sorry I dragged you all out on a Friday night only to be let down by a crappy show. But I appreciate everyone for being so friendly and nice about it.

The game plan now is to rework all the equipment, buy some new stuff, and relaunch the season in about a month. Before then I will do a few private showings to make sure that things are spit and polished like they were last year. So hold tight and thanks for being patient with me.

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