Zan saves the day!

It was to be expected that the first showing back after a two month’s hiatus would be problematic. But I’ve never honestly been so close to having to call off a show. A few components have changed since the last show, and I ended up with no sound at all during the picture.

Then I realized my soon-to-be-replaced-and-sacrificed-at-the-alter DVD player has this weird defect where the headphone jack doesn’t amplify the sound as much as the RCA jacks. Crazy. So we were left with hardly audible sound, and I was short a cable. So Julia and I went around to everyones’ cars (about 15 this time!) and informed them all that I needed to go back to my place to pick it up. Everyone was really nice about it, and no one gave me a hard time (thank you, all!).

The wonderful part came with the very last car. Turns out a angelic mobmover actually had the exact cable I needed to fix it! Zan pulled it out of his car and we were back in business. Wow!

Then about 3/4 into the movie a cop car came by, but this time actually stopped for a good minute or two, and watched the film with us. I was sweating bullets and expecting the worst, but Julia noticed that they even turned off their lights like respectful mobmovers, a sure sign of police happiness about the project (yay us!). I suppose it was quite appropriate to be watching The French Connection, after all.

More mantras
1) I will pick more exciting films with less talking
The movie was faintly boring and hard to follow. Much too much detail for a drive-in.

2) I will fix my sound and bring backups
Sound was a disaster. Must bring two or three backups of every cable I have. Sound bleed/interference was still a major problem – must sort that out

3) I will kill my DivX player
The little bugger had the nerve to die again after the intermission, had to restart it to regain sound. Definitely needs replacing.

4) I will get better with names
I used to try to remember everyone’s names at the show. But we’ve grown so large that it’s frankly impossible. Still, I really need to work on this. Perhaps if I was less frazzled and distracted by the damn tech.

People were again very generous. One very kind but unfortunately anonymous soul contributed $40. Thank you ever so much! You just helped me buy my replacement DVD player. And special thanks to Zan (hope I’m getting his name right) for being in the right place at the right time, with a fairly obscure cable that really saved the show.

What a great night!

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