Thanksgiving showing

Another fun showing last night. I’m a bit surprised at how different this show was from those in the past. Quite a few things were changed:

1) While some people grouped around the lead car during intermission, for the most part people stayed in their cars and in their groups. I’m pretty sure I didn’t meet everyone. A first.

2) I had my first semi-rude customer! I’ll bet he didn’t intend it as such, but it was a little weird because people are always so nice and thankful. After all, I’m not charging anything!

3) The cars were scattered WAY more than normal – usually people park really close to me, but this time we were all spread out. I kinda liked it. It’s just interesting how things like that can change for no apparent reason.

4) People actually showed up REALLY early to this one and had dinner there! So very cool. (see some thoughts on this below)

These differences could be the result of a few things. First, it was a big-ass showing. We’re up to about 12 cars (anyone get a real count?). As more people gather, it seems that we lose some of that original intimacy. Some of the best showings I’ve had were when 3 or 4 cars showed up.

It also could be due to the fact that were were many full cars this time around. A couple big vans showed up with a lot of people – and it also seemed like some of the cars already knew eachother and came together. This is AWESOME, but it may have resulted in people straying from the main group.

Lastly, I really wasn’t on my game last night, so I don’t think I was an especially fun host. My mind was all over the place, I couldn’t remember anyone’s names, and really wasn’t able to carry on any interesting conversations. People would come to me saying how great the show was and such and the best thing I could think of was to say thanks. Sigh.

Now more than ever I think it’s important to reinvestigate ideas for bringing people together during intermission. The snack bar is a slight draw, but I really want people to socialize with others rather than just me. Now that Jane’s done with her important work at the graveyard, perhaps she’ll come join us again? 😉

Another thing I’ve been considering (and mentioned here at one point?) is of setting up my nintendo and playing a few games before the show. I’ve done some trial runs of this and it works wonderfully and is OSO cool. I’m thinking of making this an unofficial sideshow of the event – with people arriving early I already have patrons for it, and it would be cool to have a secret event that only regular patrons might know. Of course, by mentioning it here, it becomes a lot less secret, but then again, how many people really read this carp to the bottom? 😉

And without attempting to sound sappy, last night’s real star was my girlfriend Julia – I was stressing a lot at the beginning of the show, but she set me right. Thanks for being there!

Things I learned the hard way this time:
1) Get more sleep before the show.
2) Come early and bring a meal. Cause that’s just plain cool.
3) If you’ll be sitting outside, bring a cushion. Girlfriends are soft, but they don’t like to be used as cushions.
4) Do not encode in Xvid. It causes things to skip and that makes you nervious.
5) Find your darn remote or get a new DiVX player. That timer at the top is distracting. Actually no, get a new one, this one sucks.
6) Your “short” intro did not work this time.
7) I liked the intermission near the beginning (30 mins in). How about you?
8) Putting the projector in the back results in a brighter picture, but 1) remember to turn off your lights, 2) bring another car to sit in. Better yet, mount the projector on your roof. That would be awesome!

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