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Awesome halloween showing

Last night was a great showing. Our largest yet. 10 (?) cars showed, and we lined up in two rows. We watched the horror classic “Creature from the Black Lagoon” which while unspeakably cheesy, was great fun to laugh at.

Everyone brought candy and we had a t-shirt giveaway during the intermission. We had people give their best impressions of the monster (kudos to Julia for the idea!). There was one funny problem with the titles – I lengthened the intermission so we could have time to eat candy, but I didn’t move the countdown – which now was a solid three minutes from the ending of the intermission. I saw the countdown – and told everyone to race back to their cars. And then we all sat in confused silence as the intermission continued. It was a little embarrassing but it was really the only screw up this time. Everything else was perfect! Anyway…

You guys are awesome!

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