Suggestions wanted: Spreading the mobmov

When we first got press on gizmodo, I got a bunch of e-mails from people interested in setting up their own. No one has followed through, nor bought the kit, nor asked to use the mobmov web site to get the word out. At the same time, i have the sneaking suspicion that I have indeed inspired people to do this themselves. Don’t get me wrong, the mobmov was never about making me any money. For me, it’s always been about having a great time and meeting cool people and I’m happy to carry it on for free.

I originally thought it would be cool to bill mobmov as this subverse/diverse theatre chain that would just pop up anywhere – sort of like the flashmob movement. Is this the kind of thing that people would prefer to have their own name attached to? Or is the recurring fee ($29/yr) unreasonable? Should I just give this out for free so it spreads?

In the end, I just want to get this thing out there to people. How can I best do that?

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You asked about spreading the word and getting the idea out there. Just some thoughts…

I think here in Santa Cruz people really are attracted to the Gift Economy aspect. The idea that it is free, that it is deliberately intended to subvert the exchange economy, and that it is an event to bring together the community.

Those radical aspects were part of Guerilla Drive-In from the beginning just because of who we were and where we were coming from. It surprised us that the radical nature of it became part of the attraction to all sorts of people.

Those radical aspects were not just merely Santa Cruz flavor, but turned out, I think, to be an essential component of why it has been successful beyond our wildest speculations.

At Monty Python and the Holy Grail last time we had 287 people. Yikes!

Thanks for doing what you do!


If it’s free I may be 50% likely to do it. If it’s $2 I may be 10%. If it’s $10 I may be just $1. But if it’s free and I find I really like it – then I may be very happy to contribute. Low barriers are good. Thanks for keeping yours low.

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