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The Boston Globe did an article on the mobmov over the weekend.

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Funny, the Boston Globe noted that Santa Cruz Guerilla Drive-In is not in fact a drive-in. I love that. It’s a lingering legacy of my childhood growing up at the drive-in.

Given our current location, one couldn’t drive to see GDI if they wanted to. In fact, a lot of us are bike activists, so we love the bike-in and walk-in aspects.

The drive-in part of GDI is a nod to a time when watching movies on a screen outdoors meant sitting in your ’58 Buick.

Question, rico: Do you know if there were any drive-ins that didn’t require cars? Is the outdoor movie a purely original concept then?

Outdoor movies and drive-ins each have their own advantages and disadvantages. The article kinda made me sound antagonistic to the outdoor movie, even thoguh I’m not. I love the Dolores Park Movie in SF, and I really can’t wait to find the time to attend one of your shows.

You also have a great point that outdoor movies like the GDI are more environmentally friendly. When I hold a showing, people have to drive there. With gas prices the way they are, I might even lose attendees this way. I’m also annoyed that bikers have a hard time joining in. Sometimes I’ll invite them inside my own car, but they can’t (easily) join in beyond that. It would be cool if bikes could just drive-in as well. Unless they have an FM radio on them, drive-by bikes can only stop and watch, but not listen in.

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