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I’ve been getting a lot of e-mails from random people all over the world asking to start their own mobmovs. So I was thinking – what if I set up a “kit” which people could buy?

It would include all the components needed to start up your own system, including FM transmitter, cables with proper shielding, DVD player, inverter, etc. Along with all the mobmov titles, animations, banners, etc. And a tutorial on how to set it up, find the right projector, and list some of the tips I’ve learned along the way.

I figure I could buy these components in a fairly large quantity and thus save people a little money, plus all the time involved with figuring it out all themselves of course. I had about 50+ hours invested on the front-end to get it all going and I know in hindsight I would have been happy to buy a kit if someone had offered. Would people be interested in this sort of thing if I made it?

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I don’t think so? Why would I be sued?
I think it wouldn’t include a projector. That’s the most expensive and variable component – everything else is pretty much fixed price, but the projector can cost a lot or a lot more. I’d include suggestions on projectors and where to get good deals. Why would I get sued?

This is awesome. I’m young enough, and live in small enough Kansas town that, despite the fact that I’ve worked in film and am an avid movie fan, I’ve never actually been to a drive-in.

I love this idea and will help spread the word!!

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