mobmov accused of plagiarism

as if it weren’t enough for gizmodo to call us a subset of the santa cruz drive-in (the nerve!), I just get this e-mail from a guy in germany accusing me of ripping off the idea from them and some other obscure website. I’d pass it off and move on, but it’s rather funny cause its so weird:

Now i would like to know if you have adopted the idea from some german website ( ), or i its just that you copied the “Santa Cruz Guerilla Drive In”… – no offense ;D

I hate it when people say “no offense”! Then why did you make it?

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Santa Cruz Guerilla Drive-In ripped the idea off from God knows how many sources, not to mention from the actual honest-to-goodness drive-ins I grew up with.

For all these great grassroots ideas, they aren’t conceived in a vacuum. We all inspire each other and we should do so proudly.

Literature, music, inventions, art, to name a few, all rely on the work of people who came before. I don’t imagine any one says to Bob Dylan, man, you are just ripping off old blues and folk tunes.


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