ah-eiiii! we’re faaammmoouss!

The blog I read every day just ran an article about the mobile movie! Of course, their facts are a bit wrong (the mobmov was the first mobile movie of the sort they describe, not santa cruz – ehem!), but my goodness! That was so cool to see, so unexpected! To be listed next to the SC GDI is quite an honor.

214 members and growing as I watch. holy carp, this is going to blow up my server. but it will feel *so* good.

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You don’t look old enough to have experienced the drive-in days gone by. Although there are still are a few left dotted here and there thru out the country. I remember being a kid and going to the drive-in with my folks, then as a teenager with my date or boyfriend, then as a parent myself with young children. The joy and thrill of going to the drive-in was the playground that was always up in front of the big screen and our parents would let us run and play until the movie started. Going to the concession stand for popcorn, corn dogs, hot dogs, ice cream bars, candy. Taking blankets and pillows and laying on the hood of your car or in a pick up truck turned backwards. Being a teenager and getting to the outside parking lot of the drive-in and someone getting in the trunk of the car, so they could sneak in without! Just the down right comfort and leisure of a drive-in movie theatre. AHHH, the good ole days. This is something my grandkids will never experience. Matter in fact my 3 younger children haven’t had the joy of a drive-in experience. You have a wonderful idea, but it will definately be on a new plateau. A new beginning for new generations with the same idea of the days gone by drive-ins. How do you afford to do this free of charge? You must have money and time on your hands to do this without some sort of profit? Anyone wanting to do it must also? The very best of luck to you and all that endeavor this adventure. It’s a wonderful idea to bring back a day gone by, so that others can experience yesteryear. Although, it will never be quite the same. Thanks!

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