Looking back and ahead

Here we are, nearing the end of summer. I admit that I am saddened that I didn’t hold more events. This was a busy summer for me, and it would have been hard to run it with me gone. Maybe in the future we can diversify the equipment a little more so others can show mobmovs too.

I’m really excited how well the mobmov has done, how much interest it has generated. I can’t hardly believe that we’re almost up to 150 people on the mailing list! What started as a hair-brained idea from a tinkering geek, turned into something that people really enjoy and talk about. And I don’t even know them. It’s all really encouraging to see this progression.

It seems like yesterday that my friends Ray and Menzies joined me for the first mobmov (before it was the “mobmov”) in the Longs parking lot on University and San Pablo.

What lies in the future? Well, I’ll definitely be running it in the winter-time. It is such a blast to run a mobmov and meet all you cool people, it’s tough not to want to hold one every week! I’d like to get more organized about it in general, so people can somewhat count on a set time. I’m thinking of perhaps the first Thursday of every month, plus a flexible date I will determine during the rest of the month. I’d also like to bring the mobmov into other communities (such as SF) and look into running it at events.

Please e-mail with your comments, ideas, and hopes for the future!

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