the driver is interviewed – my 15 minutes of fame?

I just went down to the KQED station house today in SF to be interviewed on Weekend America on NPR. It was a really cool experience, but I was really nervous – unsure what they would ask me or what to expect. The booth was amazing though! Full of all sorts of expensive shiny technology. You never know how quiet things can be until you enter into a radio studio. It’s like the walls eat sound. Amazing.

There was this really cute radio tech behind the glass and I really wish I had the chance to meet her, but she left before the interview was done. Her smile made me more at ease. If you’re her, look me up!

So I popped on the headphones and had a chat with the radio host in LA. It wasn’t live, thank god, so whenever I mixed up words or said something wrong I could say, “let’s redo that” (an ability that would be nice in real life, eh?). They also seemed to repeat questions just to get me the phrase it in the right way. The interview ended up taking about 1/2 hour, but the show itself only featured me for about a minute. Even still, it’s amazing to me to think that this little project of mine has grown so popular so fast. What’s next, Good Morning America? 😉

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