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Chapter Info: Swank

Instructions from Swank on how to obtain a license for one of their films:

1. Complete an exhibition request form (e-mail or call them to obtain this form)

2. Contact us toll-free at 1-800-876-5577 to place your order.  We will need to know the title, the screening date and the format you need (VHS, DVD, 16mm or 35mm.) You can get a list of available titles on our website at  (Click on "Other Group Showings,” to see a list of newest releases or to use our Movie Search.)  Place your order early to ensure your movie choices will be available; your movies will ship out approximately ten (10) days prior to your show date, so please make sure we receive prepayment by that date.

3. Arrange prepayment for your first three titles.  Movie prices will range from $100 to $350 each, plus shipping.  (Please call or email for specific pricing.)

Please find below our exhibition guidelines:

Once you place an order for movies with Swank Motion Pictures, we will give you an immediate verbal confirmation of your order, if possible.  Additionally, Swank Motion Pictures will mail you a written confirmation once the movie is booked.  REVIEW YOUR CONFIRMATION.  You must call Swank Motion Pictures at 1-800-876-5577 if your written confirmation is not correct.  Please note that your movie is not confirmed until you receive a printed confirmation from Swank Motion Pictures.

Movie prices are for one day’s rental.  Additional fees will apply to multiple day shows.  If you charge admission, your movie rental rate is the quoted rental price OR 50% of your gate receipts, whichever is greater. Swank Motion Pictures will send you an audience report prior to your show date.  Audience reports must be completed within 24 hours of your screening and submitted immediately to Swank Motion Pictures.  Failure to return the audience report could delay the shipment of future orders.

Once you have made pre-payment arrangements, we will ship your movies so they arrive at least two days before your show date.  If your print has not arrived, you must call Swank Motion Pictures at 1-800-876-5577.  Payment of your full rental fee is required if there is no notification to Swank Motion Pictures one (1) business day prior to your show regarding undelivered prints.

Any film may be canceled without obligation provided that Swank Motion Pictures receives written notification fourteen (14) days before the film is shipped, or the full rental and handling charges must be paid.  All show date changes must be made in writing and received by Swank Motion Pictures ten (10) days before the film is shipped, or the full rental and handling charges must be paid.

If your screening is canceled after the movie has already shipped to you, we will allow you to reschedule the same movie within one year of the original show date; you must pay the original invoice and you must pay the cost of shipping for us to send it back out to you.  You may not substitute another title. 

Movies must be returned the first business day after your screening.  We will enclose a pre-paid return shipping label with each 16mm, DVD and VHS print; you must use the label enclosed, as we will track the return shipment by this label.  If another customer's screening is missed as a result of your late print, you will be charged a late fee.  35mm prints will be picked up by a designated shipping company; you are responsible for making the print available for pickup the first business day after your screening.  If the company attempts to pick up a 35mm print and it is not ready, you will be charged $25 for each attempted pickup.

Films distributed by Buena Vista (includes Walt Disney Pictures, Hollywood Pictures and Touchstone Pictures) are subject to the following restrictions:

  • You may not plan fundraisers with these titles
  • Outdoor shows must occur between May 1st and June 22nd
  • Your audience may not exceed 200 people
  • You may not show these titles in a venue that serves alcohol

Advertising through media such as radio, television or newspaper is strictly prohibited.  The approved methods of promotion include: handbills (may not be posted), your organization’s website, emails and direct mail.

Brian Claussen
Senior Account Executive
Swank Motion Pictures
201 S. Jefferson Ave.
St. Louis , MO 63103-2579
Phone: 800-876-5577  Fax: (314) 289-2192

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